They are not planned or sketched; colours are never consciously mixed or chosen. Sometimes the essence is hooked in and through me by something personal, but often it comes from somewhere beyond me and finds expression through me onto the canvas. Adding and subtracting, ebbing and flowing, images may reach back to an ancient time and sometimes they whisper of the future. Often they alternate back and forth in time during, and especially after, the process of the painting: expanding and merging my personal orbit with something beyond my knowing.


The light and dark of what I feel, see and hear and what I suddenly know. The more I talk about the images, the more I move out of the centre of their meaning, which is certainly, at some point, beyond my ability to express in words without betraying them. I only know one small part of what there is to know.

For each observer, you will see what you will, what you need and what needs you, what resonates with your being. I offer the images as a hint or mirror of what it means to journey on your personal path with courage, or as some might say, the journey of the Fool: a leap into, and complete surrender to, the unknown.

Of one thing I am sure: there is a holy something that leads us, guides us, lifts veil beyond veil for us, and most importantly, loves us. Call it what you will. I call it God, the Holy Spirit, the Single Eye that sees the Truth in us, through us and for us and as expressed in one of my paintings, It Breathes Us.